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1989  Born in Innsbruck (Austria)
2008 - 2009  studied Sound Engineering in Munich (Germany)

2011 - 2015  studied Photography in Berlin (Germany)

2021 - currently studying Psychotherapy in Berlin

represented by Fotoklub Kollektiv Neukölln

The first time I got in touch with photography was in school, when I was 13 years old at a photography course. Since then, I have photographed everything that came to my mind.

When I moved to Berlin in 2010, I started to study at the "Neue Schule für Fotografie" in order to pursue my passion and to orientate myself more professionally. For my work I like to travel the world and get inspired by the different societies and the cultures. I found bizarre stories fascinating and I like to tell stories. I also want to surprise and entertain my viewers in some way.

Whereas Humor plays an important role, too!

2012 „Nackt“ | Atelier Überall (Berlin)
2013 „Rotkäppchen“ | Galerie der Neuen Schule für Fotografie (Berlin)
2014 „Wild at Heart“ | Galerie der Neuen Schule für Fotografie (Berlin)
2015 „Gate 113 - Abschlussausstellung“ | Galerie der Neuen Schule für Fotografie (Berlin)

2016 „Monat der Fotografie“ | Franzkowiak & Westphal Artprojects Berlin

2016 „Les Rencontres de la photographie d’Arles“ | Galerie Westphal

2019 „Daily Business"| Hackbert Burger Berlin

2019 „Future"| FK-Kollektiv Berlin

2019  Eight Rooms Gallery Opening Exhibition  | Berlin

2019  21 Gramm Solo Exhibition | Berlin

2020 „Everything Home is far away" FK-Kollektiv | Berlin

2020 "48h Neukölln" Final Bloom- FK-Kollektiv | Berlin

2021 "Antihero"Group Exhibition- FK-Kollektiv | Berlin

2022 "Humanity" Group Exhibition with MMAE720 | CSR.ART Berlin


About Anna Maria

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